20 May 2014

Rustic Rummage Paperie: New Product Photos

I recently revamped the entire Rustic Rummage Paperie website! I'm so excited to show all of you the new direction of the site. Wedding season is upon us now, spread the word! Rustic Rummage Paperie offers high-end wedding paper goods with beautiful execution.

03 February 2014

Wedding Day Hair: Do's & Don'ts 101

A sleek and sexy chignon or a mess of curls and braids? Each bride has a different vision of their wedding day hair, but they sometimes have trouble achieving that image. These do's and don'ts for hair trials will surely assist you in getting that glam look you're going for. 

DO: Bring pictures.
Nothing helps us hair stylists out more than when you bring pictures with to your appointment. What you see as a chic and romantic up-do and what your stylist sees can be completely different things, so where words fail, photographs do not. You may want to have pictures of your dress and talk about the overall style of the wedding. Also, don't forget to bring your headpiece with if you're planning on sporting one. 

DO: See examples of past work.
Whether you're sticking with your regular, or you're still on the hunt for your big-day stylist, always ask to see examples of their past special occasion style clients. Most stylists who have had a good bridal clientele will more than likely have photos in their portfolio. Key note: Don't just assume your current go-to for cuts and color is also bridal styling-savvy. 

DO: Be completely honest.
In my opinion this is the most important thing every bride needs to remember. Our goal as your wedding day stylist is to create a look that you love, so I encourage you to always speak up during your appointment. If you're not crazy about the way the trial is starting to look, you need to let your stylist know. Be as specific as you can be, and we will try our best to fix it to your liking. I promise you will not hurt our feelings, our careers thrive on constructive criticism. 

DON'T: Expect an identical style.
A lot of the pictures you find online and in magazines are of models who sport voluptuous hair extensions, and while some of us have naturally thick tresses, some of us have thinner locks that are more challenging to create up do's on. If you're really craving long waves or extra volume on your big day, you may want to discuss the option of hair extensions with your stylist. 

DON'T: Get a drastic change a week before the wedding.
If you truly want to do something different with your cut or color, always do it at least a few months before the wedding. If you aren't as big a fan of your new look at you thought you would be, that gives it time to: a) grow out, or b) safely correct the color. 

DON'T: Forget to take pictures.
Once your trial is over, ask your stylist to take some pictures of the style as a whole. Include different angles and try to get it in the natural daylight as well as in indoor lighting. That way you'll have something to reference on the day of. 

-Book your stylist around 5-6 months in advance, and go for your trial  2-3 months before the wedding. Don't be afraid to set up a second trial a few weeks before if you feel it's necessary. 

-Discuss bridesmaids. If your bridal party is small, your stylist should be able to handle the couple extra heads. A few more stylists may be needed if you've got a larger crowd. 

- Give yourself an abundant time frame for the wedding day, it's always preferred to have time left over as opposed to having your stylist race the clock.

Here's a couple of shots of my stunning bride last year, Henni. She was a new client and after a thorough consultation, we concluded that we wanted to create something really organic and rustic looking. I just amped up her naturally twisted texture and she was pretty happy with the outcome. We addressed a few minor concerns and worked them out until she was satisfied. This was her final look on her wedding day, and she adored it!

When the day comes, just remember to relax and let your hair guru work their magic. 

-Beauty Expert: Ari

27 January 2014

DIY: Properly Applying a Bright Hued Lip

Ah, the never ending topic of wedding makeup. Though more brides tend to drift towards a more natural look, there are those who crave that bold pop of color on their big day, and what better way to get it than with a bright hued lip? It can seem a bit intimidating at first, but with the right products and techniques, it's a piece of cake. 

Here's how to create statement lips that will last:
You need:
Small grain exfoliator (or a toothbrush)
*I use Pumice Peel by Bioelements
Lip primer (or concealer)
Lip liner
*I used Redd by MAC
*I used Russian Red by MAC
Translucent finishing powder
*I use Sephora's
Powder brush
*I use Bareminerals
Makeup blotting sheets (or tissue)

Step 1) Exfoliate 
You always want to make sure that your lips are smooth with no dead skin before applying any product. There are two ways I use to exfoliate them: with a small-granule scrub or a toothbrush. Take a pea sized amount of scrub and spread it evenly with your fingers using medium pressure. Use circular motions and add warm water as you go to rinse it gradually. You'll do the same with a clean, wet toothbrush if you have no exfoliator. Make sure you pat dry gently and wait at least 5 minutes before priming since your lips may be a bit sensitive now. 

Step 2) Prime
If you have a specific lip primer, now is the time to apply it. If not, concealer works great too. I use the smallest dab and spread it evenly using an egg-shaped makeup sponge and starting in the middle of the lips working my way out.

Step 3) Lip Liner
Grab your lip liner of choice and line the outside of your lips. (Use a q-tip if you smudge a bit). With thinner lips, you may want to go slightly outside of your lip line to enlarge them. Once you have the outside done, fill in the rest of them.

Step 4) Lipstick
This is pretty self-explanatory but now is the time to apply your lipstick! Make sure you glide it on evenly. (You can use a lip brush if you have one.)

Step 5) Set & Repeat
Hold the blotting sheet over your lips. Pick up your powder brush and swirl it in a bit of finishing powder and begin to buff it lightly over the sheet. When you pull it off your lips should have a matte look to them. Re-apply your lipstick and repeat the setting process 2-3 times. Grab another q-tip if you need to clean the perimeter.

Step 6) Admire the your beautiful pout!

Extra Tips:
-If you want a glossy finish, you can apply the gloss of your choice over it.
-Whenever you are applying any product, make sure you are grinning super wide so the product doesn't sink into your lip lines and make them appear wrinkly. 
-If you've hired a makeup artist for the big day, make sure you ask them what color they used during your trial, so you can purchase your own tube for touch-ups throughout the night. 

-Ari Wekerle, Beauty Expert